Intense Fighting Continues in Aleppo, Syria

  • Intense Fighting Continues in Aleppo, Syria

    August 3, 2016: Fighting is still continuing at Aleppo in Syria where a rebel is trying to break a government blockade in the rebel-held areas. In the last weekend, the rebels tried to reconnect a particular area in the east to an insurgent territory in the west. The army is in continuous fight with the help of Russian air strikes to stop the rebels who are breaking through.

    Rebels Shot Down Russian Helicopter in Syria

    August 1, 2016: According to the Russian military, rebels in northern Syria shot down a Russian helicopter. Though the report is not confirmed yet, at least four out five on board people have died. The Mi-8 transport aircraft was returning after providing the city of Aleppo with humanitarian aid. However, it is still not clear which group is responsible for bringing the helicopter down.

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