Rare tiger drowns three weeks after birth in zoo

  • A Sumatra tiger was born after 17 years at a zoo in London but the rare animal ended up drowning in a pool only three weeks after its birth. 

    The keepers at the zoo knew something wasn't right when they couldn't locate the cub inside the den; they found the animal in the enclosure instead. Drowning has been confirmed to be the cause of death. 

    The lack of cameras at the enclosure made it impossible for the keepers to figure out how the cub got to the enclosure but they believe the mother, Melati might have carried the animal outside. 

    The keepers didn't make any changes to the mother's routine for she's a nervous tiger but no one expected her to carry the animal to the enclosure so soon. 

    The unnamed cub's sex hadn't been revealed, given its young age. 

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