Putin may have made a huge mistake

  • Several foreign policy analysts consider Vladimir Putin's moves in Ukraine to be smart. However, Andrew Kuchins of Politico Magazine begs to differ and thinks that the Russian president may have made a big mistake similar to one made by Leonid Brezhnev when he decided to invade Afghanistan in 1979. 

    Brezhnev's blunder played a big role and historians may also regard "Putin's reckless decision to invade Crimea much like Brezhnev's mistake in Afghanistan - as the beginning of the end," Kuchins writes. 

    "While both leaders started with a wider and more diverse circle of close advisers, each man's leadership team grew steadily smaller and less diverse," he writes. The Crimea decision could easily prove to be wrong, in which case Putin's presidency will be put in jeopardy. 


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