Protestors in east build bombs

  • Pro-Russia protestors are working on their defenses in eastern Ukraine after Kiev threatened to settle the situation by using force. 

    "A resolution to this crisis will be found within the next 48 hours," the interior minister of Ukraine said. "For those who want dialogue, we propose talks and a political situation. For the minority who want conflict, they will get a forceful answer from the Ukrainian authorities."

    Security services in Ukraine mentioned that the separatists had been holding 60 people hostage and have now let 56 of them leave. According to John Kerry, Russia is "the catalyst behind the chaos of the last 24 hours," and Angela Merkel said we don't know for certain if "Russia is contributing to a de-escalation of the situation."

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country doesn't plan on invading but has the right to stand up for itself. 


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