Preliminary Autopsy Finds Potassium Cyanide in Bosnian Croat Military Commander Praljak's Blood

  • Cold War spy stories came to life a few days back when former Bosnian Croat military commander Slobodan Praljak denounced 20 years of war crime sentencing by a UN judge and gulped a vial of poison. He reportedly died shortly after that. Dutch officials on Friday released preliminary autopsy results of the 72-year-old war criminal. Reports say that Praljak died from a heart attack after he consumed potassium cyanide. Dutch authorities are currently probing how Slobodan Praljak was able to smuggle in potassium cyanide inside the courtroom. UN court found Praljak guilty of murder, persecution and inhumane treatment of people for establishing Croat identity in Bosnia back in early-1990s.