98 dead in tornado in China

  • Map of Tornado effected areas in China

    98 dead in tornado in China:

    June 24,2016: At least 98 people have died in a deadly tornado that struck eastern China on Thursday. According to media reports, around 800 people were injured in the tornado that was accompanied by thunderstorms, hailstorms and lightning. A statement posted by the authorities said that tornado destroyed homes and tossed cars high into the air in many parts of Yancheng City located in Jiangsu Province. Meanwhile, the police has rescued more than 100 people and evacuated around 2,000 others in Yancheng.

    Powerful tornado strikes China: 51 dead

    June 23, 2016: At least 51 people were killed when a powerful tornado struck the Chinese province of Jiangsu destroying a large number of buildings. According to media reports, the tornado formed near the Yancheng city. Multiple injuries were reported due to the tornado and roads were blocked.

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