'Potentially Catastrophic' hurricane Irma nears the Caribbean Islands

  • As per the reports of the National Weather Service, Hurricane Irma has strengthened to a Category 5 storm. It is reported to be the strongest storm ever in the Atlantic. Late Tuesday evening, the storm sustained winds of 185 mph and the center of the storm was moving to the west-northwest at 15mph. The National Hurricane Center has called Irma as 'potentially catastrophic'. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump approved pre-landfall emergency declarations for Florida and the American territories of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands in view of the hurricane. As per the warnings issued by the National Hurricane Centre, Irma will bring 'life threatening wind, storm surge and rainfall hazards to the islands.” According to Michael Brennan, the people of the northeast Caribbean islands are the major concern of the forecasters.

    Hurricane Irma Track Map