Pope Francis Advocates Press Freedom, Urges Journalists to Shun Fake News

  • Pope Francis advocated for media freedom by saying that it indicates health of a country. He went on to pay his tribute to journalists killed on field (while carrying out their professional responsibilities). While addressing the Foreign Press Association in Italy, Pope Francis urged journalist community for shunning the fake news. He asked them to report the plights of people who continue suffering but the news media groups don’t consider their daily sufferings to be newsworthy enough to make headlines anymore. He mentioned the ongoing plights of the Yazidi and Rohingya. Pope categorically mentioned that “Let’s not forget that one of the first things dictatorships do is remove freedom of the press or mask it, not leaving it free.” Though Pope Francis didn’t accuse any specific country, he stressed on the need of journalists who don’t discriminate against suffering people and always stand beside victims.