Polio outbreak in Syria confirmed

  • It has been confirmed that Syria is experiencing a polio outbreak for the first time in 14 years. WHO is investigating into 12 potential cases after confirming 10 in the country as of now. 

    Most victims were probably never vaccinated and are under the ages of two. 

    Prior to the civil war, about 95 percent of the children received vaccination but that rate has now dropped significantly with 500,000 children, who remain un-vaccinated. 

    The outbreak is centered in an eastern province called Dier Ezzor, where 100,000 children are at risk. 

    Other diseases such as measles and typhoid are on the rise as well since Syrians have been living in crowded conditions after being displaced by the civil war. 

    An immunization drive has begun to control the spread of polio. 



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