Police officer gang-raped in India

  • Another horrific attack had happened the day a photojournalist in Mumbai was gang-raped. 

    A police officer in eastern India said four bandits raped her after pulling her out of the vehicle. She was with her family that was escorting her sister's body for cremation at the time. 

    The 27-year old widow was pulled out of the car and raped repeatedly in Jharkhand state. 

    "It is a crime to be born in India," the policewoman said. "You always live in fear as anything can happen to you at any time."

    The policewoman ended up going back to work within two weeks of being attacked and is planning on using the incident to fight for women's protection in the country. 

    The mother of two girls said she is worried about the society her children are growing up in. 

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