Plane crash lands in San Francisco

  • The city fire department reported the death of two people and injuries of 150 others as a result of a Boeing plane's crash landing in San Francisco. 

    Terrorism, however, has been ruled out as a cause of the accident as confirmed by the FBI. This flight, coming from Seoul, South Korea, was carrying 291 passengers and 16 crew members. The passengers were forced to use emergency inflatable slides to escape the aircraft as soon as a fire started and the plane landed. 

    A passenger on the aircraft said that fire and rescue people were all over the place and that they evacuated those that were injured. 

    Moreover, Laura Brown, who is the Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman said that the sequence of events was unclear but it appeared to her that the plane landed and then crashed. 

    There have been reports that show the tail being the initial problem on landing after which the fire seemed to have started once the plane was on the runway. 

    A statement from San Francisco General Hospital said that there were 8 adults and two children in a critical condition.