Location Map of Plane Crash in Rionegro, Colombia

  • Map showing the location of plane crash in Rionegro, Colombia 


        Latest Updates:

    • Plane carrying 72 passengers crashed in Colombia.
    • Reportedly, 76 died, while five have survived.
    • Three players survived, confirmed by Colombian Authorities.
    • Alan Ruschel and Danilo of Chapecoense are among the survivors. 
    • Rescue halted due to rain - Medellin airport
    • Brazilian football team Chapecoense was present in the plane, and have survived as per reports.
    • The aircraft licence number CP2933 was carrying the football team.
    • Wounded passengers have been transported to assistance centers.
    • Mayor said he is on way to the accident site.
    • Meteorologist says thunderstorm and scattered showers have been seen in satellite images.  


    Colombia Plane Crash: Few Possible Survivors

    Nov 29, 2016 3:00 AM (ET): According to reports, 25 people died, while six have survived in Colombia plane crash. The plane was carrying 81 people including a Brazilian football team Chapecoense and nine crew members. The chartered aircraft was flying from Bolivia.
    The team was scheduled to play in the second most important club competition of South America on Wednesday. Reports say that Alan Ruschel and Danilo, two members of the football team, may have survived.

    Plane Carrying 72 Passengers Crashes in Colombia:

    As per reports from country's civil aviation department, a plane which was carrying 72 passengers along with a Brazilian football team crashed near Rionegro, Colombia. Though not much has been specified by the officials about the plane but the wounded have been transported to assistance centers.

    Mayor of the nearby city, Medellin mentioned on Twitter that he is going to the site of the accident

    According to a meteorologist, scattered showers and thunderstorms in the region have been seen in satellite images.

    The Brazilian football team Chapecoense was due to play against Medellin team Atletico Nacional on Wednesday in the final of the South American club cup. 

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