Photojournalist gang-raped in India

  • A 22-year old photojournalist has been raped by five men in Mumbai. One arrest has been made and the victim, who suffered internal and external injuries is now in a stable condition. 

    Like the gruesome attack of the 23-year old in Delhi, this one too has angered the Indian population. 

    The attack took place in south Mumbai and the police said the victim was on an assignment with a colleague at the time of the crime. The five men offered to help them by getting permission to shoot inside an isolated building but later on became aggressive accusing the male colleague of being involved in a crime. They took the woman to another part of the compound and sexually assaulted her. 

    The police have identified the other four men who are yet to be arrested. They don't want to give out any names or details for fear of warning the men.

    Mumbai's Police Commissioner said the men may have been local drug dealers. 

    He also mentioned that the federal government has recommended the "harshest" punishment to those found guilty in this case. 

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