Park Geun – hye Becomes First Woman President of South Korea

  • Park Geun-hye beat her opponent Moon Jae-in by a narrow margin on Wednesday to be elected the first female President of South Korea. Her gender was the least of Park's bothers in the run up to the elections. Fending off bias against her privileged background and striving to overcome any resentment that her party, the Saenuri party, may have caused due to its close connections with the upper echelons of the country's financial conglomerates, 60 year-old Park went on to secure over 51.6% of the 70% votes that have been counted as of now. Park Geun-hye is the daughter of Park Chung-hee, the dictator who ruled South Korea for over 18 years. In the brief appearance following the declaration of her victory, Park promised that South Korea would soon overcome its economic woes and recover stronger than it has ever been. It is also to be seen if Park’s victory opens up a new window for renewed talks with North Korea.

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