Paris Climate Change Conference 2015

  • High-level climate talks begin in Paris
    [12.44 CET]
    The high-level Climate talks have started in Paris. According to media reports, the talks are aimed at signing a long-term deal that would help in reducing global carbon emissions. The talks are known as COP 21 and more than 150 leaders from around the world have gathered in Paris to launch the two weeks talks. 

    Clashes between police and protestors a day before U.S.-China sit down at COP21

    Nov 30, 2015 - Around 150 leaders from around the world will be attending the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. As per media reports, the mission is to agree on legally binding reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. China and the United States, the largest producers of greenhouse gases, will sit down together at the COP21. Though the authorities have clamped down on anti-global warming demonstrations, nevertheless brief clashes with the police took place on Sunday at the Place de la Republique.

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