Pakistani Christian girl accused of blasphemy released

  • A Christian girl in Pakistan who was arrested over charges of blasphemy has been released from prison in the city of Rawalpindi.

    On Friday, a judge ordered her release and set bail at $10,500.

    The girl, believed to be 14 years old but with the mental age of someone much younger, was arrested last month after she was accused of burning pages of the Koran.

    Her release comes after an imam was remanded in custody last week, accused of planting the burned pages of the Koran in the girl's bag.

    The case against the girl, known as Rishma, has sparked international outcry and comdemnation by human rights groups.

    Although blasphemy is not a bailable offence, her lawyers pleaded that she was a juvenile.

    Blasphemy is a sensitive issue in Pakistan, where 97 percent of the population are Muslim.

    In the past, allegations of blasphemy have incited vigilante killings by mobs.