Pakistan schools banned Malala's book

  • Malala Yousafzai survived the attack on her by Taliban last year and lived to write a book on her experiences. However, people in Pakistan won't be reading what the teen education activist had to say since the book entitled 'I Am Malala' has been banned in the private schools of the country. 

    Local conspiracies say the whole incident regarding the attack on her was staged and she's a "tool in the hands of the Western powers."

    The book, which is co-written by a journalist in Britain, has several other issues. One of them being the fact that it lacks the phrase "peace be upon him" when it talks about Prophet Muhammad. It's also friendly toward the Ahmadis, who have been declared to be non-Muslim. 

    Malala's book talks positively of Salman Rushdie, even though his work caused controversy among Muslims. 

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