Pakistan: Investigators Find Rs 30 Million Cash in The Crashed Airbus Near Karachi

  • Investigators have found around Rs 30 million cash in the flight PK-8303 Pakistan International Airlines which crashed in a residential area near Karachi International Airport on Friday. In the crash, 97 people were killed, including nine children, only two passengers survived miraculously. As per the rescue officers and investigators, the plane was filled with currencies of different countries and denominations. An official confirmed that an investigation is still underway to probe how such a huge amount of cash got through airport security and baggage scanners. About the crash, the aircraft attempted landing at a speed of 327 kilometres (203 miles per hour). However, the mystery is yet to be solved why the two jet engines quit after functioning well enough for about two minutes to lift them about 3,000 feet (915 meters) above the runway. The accident is considered to be one of the most catastrophic aviation disasters in Pakistan's history.

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