"Ongoing Attack" of Hackers on German Government Intranet Baffle Politicians and Media

  • Senior CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany) politician Armin Schuster has confirmed reports that “an ongoing process, an ongoing attack” is underway on government intranet by hackers. He revealed the information after an emergency meeting between the Bundestag’s parliamentary control committee and government officials. Armin Schuster’s comment contradicts earlier government statement (by deputy interior minister Ole Schröder) that security officials have given controlled access to the hackers in accessing government networks for tracking the culprits and their methods. While earlier German media reports accused notorious Russian hacking group “Fancy Bear” or “APT28” (believed to have connections to GRU military intelligence agency of Russia) for the attack, recent German media reports accuse “Snake” or “Turla” Russian hacking groups for the attack.