Obama to be sworn in for second term

  • Barack Obama is due to be officially sworn in for his second term as U.S. president in a small ceremony at the White House.

    The U.S. Constitution requires the oath of office to be taken by noon on January 20. As the date falls on a Sunday this year, the public inauguration will take place on Monday.

    Obama will take his official oath in the White House's Blue Room.

    Thousands of workers and volunteers have been working tirelessly to finish construction for Monday's celebration, which will see Obama take the oath of office again before hundreds of thousands of people on the National Mall.

    Some 800,000 people are expected to descend on Washington for the ceremony, lower than the 1.8 million who flocked for the inauguration of the nation's first black president in 2009.

    The day will also include performances by Beyonce and Katy Perry, the traditional parade and formal balls.

    Obama is expected to talk about the need for political compromise as well as detailing the priorities of his second term in his inaugural address.

    As part of the inauguration rituals, Obama and first lady Michelle took part in a day of service on Saturday in a bid to encourage Americans to participate in volunteering projects.

    Obama added the day of service to the inaugural schedule in 2009 and is seeking to make the event a tradition for future presidents.

    The White House said the call to service is a way for Americans to honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday, a national holiday, falls on Monday. This year is the 50th anniversary of the civil rights leader's march on Washington.