Obama makes first Israel visit as U.S. president

  • Barack Obama arrived in Israel on Wednesday afternoon for his first visit to the country as U.S. president.

    Alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the two leaders stressed their shared stance towards Iran.

    Speaking in Jerusalem, Obama and Netanyahu said they both agreed that Israel had the right to "defend itself by itself".

    The two men also reiterated their commitment to finding a solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

    Netanyahu added that he "deeply, deeply appreciated" the fact Obama had made Israel the first foreign visit of his second term.

    He went on to thank Obama for "the investment you have made in our relationship and in strengthening the alliance between our countries".

    Obama was later taken to see a missile battery that is part of Israel's Iron Dome defence system against rocket attacks. He then visited Israeli President Shimon Peres at his official residence.

    Later today, Obama is to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

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