Obama comments on chemical weapon surrender

  • Obama commented on the proposal to get Syria to surrender its chemical weapons under international control and called it a positive "breakthrough" provided the offer is genuine. 

    Hilary Clinton and John Kerry made positive comments about the idea as well. Although, Kerry later tried to back off from what he had said. 

    Obama said Russia and Syria would not have made this gesture if the US had not threatened to retaliate in the first place. He mentioned that if the plan works out, it would result in the absolute pause of the strike. 

    The president said he and Kerry will work with Russia and others to see if anything "enforceable and serious" can be arrived at. He said this surrender would not put an end to the country's civil war but it will prevent the issue that is being focused on right now- "which is making sure that you don't have over 400 children gassed indiscriminately by these chemical weapons."

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