Norway marks anniversary of Utoeya massacre

  • Norway has marked the first anniversary of the gun and bomb attacks in Oslo and on the island of Utoeya, in which 77 people were killed and 242 injured.

    Most of the dead were youth activists with the Labour Party who had been staying on Utoeya as part of a summer camp.

    Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg laid a wreath in Oslo before travelling to Utoeya, where he was met by hundreds of people.

    Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted carrying out the attacks, remains on trial.

    Breivik, who has been on trial for three months, has justified the July 22 attacks by claiming he was trying to stop Muslims from taking over Norway.

    However, the government and a majority of the population have actively set out to promote tolerance to counter his views.

    Judges are to announce next month whether Breivik is sane or insane and whether he will be sentenced to prison or sent to a secure psychiatric ward.