South Korea Says North Korea Fired Ballistic Missile

  • South Korea Says North Korea Fired Ballistic Missile

    August 3, 2016: According to joint chiefs of Staff of South Korea, North Korea fired a ballistic missile at around 7:50 a.m. on Wednesday. The missile was launched from South Hwanghae province of North Korea, in the southwest of the country. It flew about 621 miles all through the peninsula into eastern part of the sea. An official said a Rodong missile is assumed to had been fired.


    North Korean Ballistic Missiles into Japan Sea

    July 19, 2016: As per the reports of the US and South Korean military officials, three ballistic missiles have been fired by North Korea into the sea of Japan. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said that all the three missiles were launched from Hwangju. The first two missiles were presumed to be short-range Scuds, while the third one was believed to be a mid-range Rodong. The US and South Korea mentioned that in order to counter the threats, they would deploy an anti-missile system.

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