North Korea Test Fires Two Short-Range Missiles in retaliation to Joint US-South Korea Military Exercise

  • South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff has said in a statement that the North Korea fired two short-range missiles on Saturday. It considered the missile firings a “show of force” by the North Korean military against the joint US-South Korean military exercises (August 5-to-23, 2019). North Korea is likely to test fire many such missiles in the coming days. The South Korean military said that the two missiles flew around 250 mi (400 km) at 30 mi (48 km) height. These missiles were test fired just a few hours after the US President Donald Trump said that he received a “very beautiful” 3-page-long personal letter from the North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Later the US President Trump tweeted that the letter complained “about the ridiculous and expensive exercises” (called “19-2 Dong Maeng” exercise) and offered “a small apology” for the fired missiles. Trump expressed his willingness to meet Kim in “not too distant future” and also stressed that the fired missiles are non-ballistic, non-nuclear, and not long-range. North Korea’s state-run KCNA news agency accused South Korea of “building up arms against dialogue”.