Successful Missile Test Claimed by North Korea


    Successful Missile Test Claimed by North Korea

    June 23, 2016: Claimed by North Korea on Thursday, an intermediate range missile has successfully been test-fired. As per the reports of a state's government-run military news agency, a Hwasong-10, also called as Musudan was fired and it landed properly into the waters in about down range of 400 kilometers. Prior to this, in order to test Musudan, North Korea came up with four attempts this year.


    North Korea Test-fires Ballistic Missiles

    June 22, 2016: As mentioned by South Korea, two mid-range ballistic missiles have been test-fired by North Korea from its eastern coast. The first launch failed after traveling around 150 km, before it landed up into the sea. Hours later, the second missile was launched, which flew for around 400km. In the last two months, four missiles were launched, but those either crashed or exploded in the mid-air.

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