North Korea Launches Rocket, Defies International Warning

  • Defying international warnings, North Korea test fired a long-range rocket on Wednesday morning. Washington believed that this launch is North Korea's attempt to test technology that could be used for missiles aimed at attacking the US. Officials at Pyongyang insist that with the rocket launch, North Korea has put a satellite into space - a satellite intended for peaceful purposes. North Korea has declared the launch a success. South Korea and Japan have confirmed the launch but said they would not comment on the success of the launch immediately. The US space agency may take a day to confirm the presence of the North Korean satellite in space.

    The US considers the move a sign that Pyongyang is moving ahead with its agenda to develop the technology required to deliver a nuclear warhead. The launch has taken the international community by surprise as North Korea had reported technical glitches in the rocket and extended the launch date to December 29.