North Korea Conducts its Second "Crucial Test" from its Controversial Sohae Satellite Launching Ground

  • The North Korean state media KNCA news agency has said that they have conducted a “crucial test” at the Sohae Satellite Launching Ground on Saturday. This is the second such important test carried out by North Korea at the controversial satellite launch site that is believed by many as an attempt by the North Korean leadership to boost its nuclear deterrence. The DPRK state media hasn’t divulged any detail about the recent test but experts believe that it could be a ballistic missile engine’s ground test. North Korea's Chief of the General Staff Pak Jong Chon has said after Saturday’s test that the “hostile forces” shouldn’t provoke his country. With Pyongyang declaring to adopt a “new way” if the US continues with its dilatory tactics in resolving the stalled US-North Korea talks, they warned that the US may expect an ominous "Christmas gift" if the stalemate is not resolved.