Noble committee found winner on Twitter

  • This year's Nobel Peace Prize was presented to a group working toward the destruction of chemical arsenal in Syria. 

    The Hague based group known as  the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is backed by the UN and was formed to enforce an international treaty against chemical weapons in 1997. 

    Chair of the committee Thorbjorn Jagland mentioned that neither the U.S. nor Russia have gotten rid of their weapons yet.

    The Nobel Committee had to resort to Twitter in order to get through to OPCW; it sent the group two tweets: "@OPCW Please contact us @Nobelprize_org we are trying get through to your office." and the next one said, "The live webcast is now over. We are still trying to reach @OPCW."

    The group will be awarded with an amount of $1.25M in December. 

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