New Trump Proclamation will Deny Visas to Immigrants Lacking Healthcare Coverage

  • A proclamation (effective from November 3, 2019) was issued by the White House on Friday at 7pm, reportedly denying visas to immigrants who fail to produce documents of being either covered by medical insurance or affluent enough of covering their own health-care costs before entering the USA. Political analysts believe that the new rule (less than 13 months from the 2020 US Presidential election) is an effort on part of Donald Trump to fulfill the promises of his 2016 Presidential election campaign for curbing immigration. Trump has said that this new rule will help “protect the availability of health care benefits for Americans”. He said the taxpayers already have to pay substantially for covering the medical expenses of people who don’t have health insurance. Trump said that the new rule will bar immigrants (without having medical insurance facility or inability to cover their healthcare cost) from entering the US, thereby not adding up to the already burdened American taxpayers. Analysts believe the proclamation seems to target family-based migration and favors wealthier immigrants having special skills over the poor ones.