New island rises after strong quake in Pakistan

  • The 7.7. magnitude earthquake in Pakistan, which killed over 200 people also resulted in giving the residents of the country some new land. 

    People on the coast witnessed the rise of a new island from the Arabian Sea; it is believed to have been formed by a "mud volcano" gushing to the surface as the ocean floor got destabilized due to the quake. 

    The island's formation seems to be temporary since a similar one had risen for about a year after the quake in 1968. 

    A seismologist explained saying, "sandy layers underground are shaken, and sand grains jiggle and become more compact" during a strong earthquake. This forces the water upward along with mud and sand. 

    It has been estimated that 208 people have died and about 400 have been injured due to the disaster. 

    Hundreds of soldiers have been sent to join rescue operations near the Iranian border where the earthquake collapsed hundreds of houses made of mud. 

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