New Confirmed COVID-19 Infection Cases Reported in China, the UK to Review Social Distancing Rule to Further Ease Lockdown on July 4

  • China has reported the re-emergence of COVID-19 infection cases. China’s national health authority has said that 57 confirmed new COVID-19 cases have been reported on June 13, 2020. This is the highest number of confirmed novel coronavirus infections since April 13, 2020. 36 of the 57 infected people are from Beijing. In fact, 38 confirmed cases are locally transmitted. Reports say that 8 new cases of infection have been confirmed in the first 7-hours of June 14, 2020. All these eight cases are linked to a major food wholesale market known as the Xinfadi market in Beijing’s southwestern Fengtai district. In response to the spurt in infection cases, Beijing has banned tourism and sports events. With the incidence of COVID-19 falling, United Kingdom’s PM Boris Johnson has said that they are going to review two-meter social distancing rule to further ease lockdown measures on July 4, 2020. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has said on Sunday that the country will open up its borders to travelers from the Schengen area of the European Union on June 21, 2020. The Spanish borders will be open to Portugal on July 1, 2020. John Hopkin University’s COVID-19 tracker shows that there are 7,817,064 confirmed cases of infection and 430,605 deaths across the world. Most number of COVID-19 infection cases have been reported in the United States (2,074,749 infections, 115,436 deaths), followed by Brazil (850,514 infections, 42,720 deaths), Russia (528,267 infections, 6,938 deaths), India (320,922 infections, 9,195 deaths), UK (295,828 infections, 41,747 deaths), Spain (243,605 infections, 27,136 deaths), Italy (236,351 infections, 34,301 deaths), Peru (220,749 infections, 6,308 deaths), France (193,746 infections, 29,401 deaths), and Germany (187,518 infections, 8,801 deaths).