NaMo Victory Resounds In India


    Indian politician and leader of the state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi won a resounding victory to be re-elected as the Chief Minister of the state. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 115 of 182 state assembly seats, thus proudly acknowledging the approval of the masses. The victory also meant a decisive defeat for the Congress party, the political party which currently dominates the central administration - Congress managed to secure only about 61 seats. Narendra Modi is credited with Gujarat's astounding economic growth under his administration and his victory has brought on speculations that he may have won himself BJP's ticket to contest the 2014 national elections as a prime ministerial candidate. Uncharacteristically, Narendra Modi gave a victory speech in Hindi, the national language, while his campaign had been in Gujarati, the regional tongue. Narendra Modi’s polarized outlook and pro-Hindu stand has started to worry many but he is currently seen as a better alternative to the dominant Gandhi family of the Congress party.

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