Myanmar Landslide at Jade Mine kills 14 People, Many Still Missing

  • A landslide has taken place at a Myanmar jade mine in Kachin State’s Hpakant on Sunday, killing 14 people that includes at least 1 policeman. Till now 14 bodies have been recovered. 4 people are still missing and are feared to be dead. Than Win Aung, the police chief, has told media that 2 policemen who were guarding the mining site are still missing and they fear the worst. He also said that they have succeeded in rescuing two of their colleagues who had “only injured their heads” and are currently healing in the hospital. Though the Myanmar government has ordered ceasing of all activities during monsoon season (May-October), scavenging activities continue to make a profit from the $750.04 million sales (official estimate) of jade. Analysts believe the real value of the jade industry is much more than the official estimates as most of the extract is exported to China.