Muslim Woman Fined 1,000 kroner for Wearing Niqab in Denmark

  • Media reports say a 28-year old Muslim woman became the first person to be fined in Denmark for wearing a full-face veil (called niqab). The action comes following the new Danish law that bans full-face Islamic veils in public places. Police duty officer David Borchersen told media that Danish police got involved after the concerned woman got involved in a scuffle with another woman in a shopping centre in Horsholm, located in Nordsjaelland’s north-eastern region when the latter to take off the former’s niqab. She was fined 1,000 kroner for violating the law. The new law (came into effect on August 1, 2018) gives enforcement authorities to fine up to 10,000 kroner for covering face with accessories such as burqas, niqabs, masks, false beards, and balaclavas.