Mother Antonia dead at 86

  • Sister Antonia Brenner was raised in Beverly Hills but chose to live for more than three decades of her life in a Tijuana prison cell. 

    Inmates and guards referred to her as being the "prison angel" since she would not only pray with prisoners but would also help them in several ways. She handed out things such as extra toilet paper and bail money and even broke up riots and fights at La Mesa State Penitentiary. 

    Brenner once mentioned that she felt as if prison was her home when she returned to live there. "Something happened to me when I saw men behind bars," she said. Brenner mentioned that she "thought a lot about them" and wondered if they were taken care of. 

    The 'prison angel' lived in her 10-by-10 foot jail cell, which barely had any room for a folding chair. 

    She died at the age of 86 yesterday and the city's archbishop called it a "terrible loss." 

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