Moscow Police Arrests Russian Investigative Journalist on Drug-Peddling Charges

  • Ivan Golunov, a 36-year old Russian investigative journalist, has been put under house arrest on Saturday in Moscow. He was probing drug peddling. Both police and Latvia-based online news portal Meduza, said that illegal drugs have been found in his rucksack when he was detained in central Moscow. Reports claim that the investigative journalist was going to meet a source when he was arrested. Golunov’s lawyer said that he believes the illegal drug were planted by the police themselves as Moscow city officials are allegedly involved in the corruption. The lawyer also claimed that his client was physically assaulted by the police. The Russian investigative journalist has denied all the charges. While the investigators wanted custody of the detained journalist for 2 months, a court rejected the request. The US Embassy has urged Russia to free the detained journalist and ensure transparent probe.