Morsi supporters reject PM appointment

  • Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi rejected the appointment of an interim prime minister on Tuesday, citing it as illegitimate.

    The announcement was made a day after 55 people were shot dead at a Muslim Brotherhood sit-in near a barracks in the capital Cairo.

    Hazem el-Beblawi, a liberal economist and former finance minister, has been named interim prime minister.

    Former United Nations diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei, now a liberal party leader, was named deputy president for foreign affairs.

    Interim head of state Adli Mansour also announced a timetable to hold elections in six months.

    The development comes less than a week after the army deposed Morsi, the country’s first democratically elected president.

    However, the main liberal opposition coalition, the National Salvation Front (NSF), has rejected Mansour's decree.

    The NSF has demanded more changes and consultation on the document.

    Both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Tamarod protest movement have also rejected the decree.

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