Hawaii Judge Blocks Trump's New Executive Order

  • Federal Judge in Hawaii Blocks Trump’s New Executive Order

    March 16, 2017: As per reports, hours before the US president Donald Trump’s new travel ban was due to take effect on Thursday night, it was blocked by a Federal judge in Hawaii.

    In the government’s argument that the ban concerns over national security, the US District Judge Derrick Watson called it “questionable evidence”. The ruling was described as "unprecedented judicial overreach" by Trump.

    According to President Trump, the move is to prevent terrorism that can compromise the safety of the United States, while it has been called discriminatory by the critics.

    At a rally in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday evening, Trump stated that the ruling in Hawaii made the United States look weak. He further mentioned he will take the case even to the Supreme Court if required.


    More US States Join Hawaii in Legal Challenge against Trump's New Travel Ban

    March 10, 2017: As per reports, US states New York, Washington, Oregon and Massachusetts joined Hawaii in a legal challenge against the US President Donald Trump’s new travel ban.

    New York maintains that the new directive is a ban on Muslims by another name, Washington says the revised travel ban has the “same illegal motivation as the original” and is harmful for residents, Oregon says it hurts the residents and employers, and Massachusetts says the new ban is discriminatory. Hawaii was the first state to challenge the travel ban.

    The ban is going to begin on 16 March and the White House says it is confident of winning in the court.


    US States Challenge Trump's Travel Ban