Mexico Swears in First Leftist President in Seven Decades

  • Mexico swears in its first ever leftist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (popularly called AMLO) in over 7 decades. 65-year old AMLO won his 3rd presidential bid in a landslide back in July 2018. The political veteran is all set to start his 6-year presidential term with a 56% approval rating. The inauguration ceremony of AMLO was attended by foreign dignitaries including Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the US Vice-President Mike Pence, US first daughter Ivanka Trump, and many more. In his first speech, AMLO said that his government will “put an end to the corruption and impunity that are blocking Mexico's rebirth”. He vowed to reverse the disastrous neo-liberal economic policies that were followed by his predecessors in the last 30 years.