Melting Permafrost Compromises "Failsafe" Seed Vault in the Arctic

  • Norwegian government officials have told media that soaring temperatures in the Arctic region (due to global warming) has compromised the "failsafe" protection of the Global Seed Vault that was built for protecting millions of food crops from natural disasters, wars, and climate change. With world’s hottest ever year recorded, the arctic region is witnessing melting ice and heavy rain. It caused the meltwater to gush into the entrance tunnel of the Vault, which is kept in the deep permafrost of Spitsbergen (a permanently populated island in Northern Norway), and then freezing back to ice. Reports say that ice has been hacked out of the vault and required storage temperature of -18C has been restored for keeping the seeds safe. Nordic Genetic Resource Centre has reportedly said that they are doing the needful to make sure that the vault lasts for eternity (protecting important food crops) so that humanity’s food supply remains forever, especially after "natural or man-made disasters".