Mechanic finds starving baby in trunk

  • A mechanic at a garage in central France opened a car's truck after hearing strange noises and found a baby girl inside. 

    The girl was naked, dehydrated and starved as she lay on garbage bags and in excrement. Workers mentioned that the woman who owned the car brought the vehicle for minor repairs and said the noises came from a toy left switched on. 

    Reports suggest that the baby girl is 15 to 23 months old and has been made to live in the car since birth. 

    The mother said she tried to keep the birth of this child a secret, even from the father. She and her husband have now been arrested and their three children have been sent to foster homes. 

    The baby is admitted to a hospital, where doctors discovered mental and developmental problems with her. 

    "It was a horrifying sight seeing this little girl in her own excrement, not able to hold up her head, white as a sheet," the mechanic said. 

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