Massive crowds turn up for Women's March again Trump in the US

  • Pink, pointy-eared “pussycats” were all mocking the newly sworn president of the US, Donald Trump, as thousands of women came on the streets the US capital and cities around the world on Saturday. These march were all intended to emphatically sign Donald Trump that they won’t let his agenda go unopposed over the  next four years.

    The crowds and leading the chants had several known faces and celebrities including Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron and Cher. Referencing to President Trump’s infamous ‘pussy grabbing’ comments, actress Ashley Judd said they “ain’t for grabbing.”

    There was a remarkable anger among protesters for America’s new president. Most were showing off  handmade banners aiming at anything from Trump’s policies, Cabinet, tweets, moments from his presidential campaign, even his physical appearance.

    The turnout in the capital was so big that some around 500,000 people turned out and the crowds packed the entire march route. This Women’s March is believed to be the biggest inauguration protest in history, with participation overpowering even those who turned up for Trump’s inauguration.