Mass murderer Breivik to possibly become a college student

  • Anders Behring Breivik had been sentenced 21 years of prison last August for killing 77 people in Norway. He has now applied to Oslo University for further education and the school is taking his application into consideration. 

    Breivik's prison director said "the prison will always try to pave the way for inmates to get a formal education, so that they are able to get a job when they come out."

    Some staff members at the university have already denied the anti-Islamic extremist as a student but the school's chief said they cannot refuse anyone the chance to study at the university. Breivik never graduated from high school, which could disqualify him from college education.

    Norway's Education Minister Kristin Halvorsen said students who meet the admission criteria wouldn't be excluded unless they are a danger to other students and staff members. However, in this case, Breivik wouldn't be participating in the university's normal classes even if he was granted admission to the course. 

    Her statement confirmed that Breivik's application had been turned down. His chief trial lawyer, Geir Lippestad said the prisoner had unsuccessfully tried to start a political party from his cell.

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