Map showing location of explosion in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

  • Explosion heard in Afghanistan close to foreign consulates

    An explosion was heard in Jalalabad, a city located in eastern Afghanistan, media reports quoted witnessed as saying. The blast was heard close to foreign consulates including those of Pakistan, Iran and India. There is no immediate conformation of the reason of the blast or any damage or causalities.

    Two dead in explosion in Jalalabad

    At least two people were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up in Afghanistan’s Jalalabad. Media reports quoted a spokesperson as saying the suicide bomber had attempted to join a queue of people who were seeking visas to Pakistan. On being prevented from entering the building, the bomber blew himself up. The attack took place just 200 meters from the Indian consulate. There are many foreign missions in the area.

    ISIS claims responsibility for Jalalabad attack

    As per the latest reports, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Pakistani consulate in Afghanistan’s Jalalabad. Seven policemen died in the attack.  


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