Mandela interpreter involved in burning two men alive

  • The interpreter in Nelson Mandela's memorial service has several crimes including murder on his resume. It has now been revealed that Thamsanqa Jantjie also helped burn two men alive. 

    He was among the group of people in 2003, who caught two men with a stolen television and put tires around their necks. The group, then used the technique called "necklacing" and set those tires on fire. 

    "It was a community thing, what you call mob justice, and I was also there," Jantjie said in an interview. The other men in the group were put on trial three years later but the bogus interpreter was deemed mentally unfit and institutionalized for over a year. 

    Jantjie denied several other accusations against him and said he "never raped anybody."

    He got signing gigs for the African National Congress after his mental hospital stint and mentioned that he studied the skill for a year. However, the AP couldn't get find any evidence suggesting that he went to any school. 

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