Mandela assassination plotter convicted of treason

  • The mastermind behind a white supremacist plot to murder former South African president Nelson Mandela has been found guilty of treason.

    The Pretoria High Court ruled that Boeremag group leader Mike du Toit was responsible for nine bombings in Johannesburg's Soweto township in 2002.

    He is the first person to be convicted of treason since white minority rule ended in 1994.

    The verdict was made following a nine-year trial.

    Witnesses told the court that Boeremag had carried out the series of bombings in Soweto, killing one person.

    The Boeremag had also planned to get rid of black people from South Africa and stage a coup and assassinate Mandela, who spent 27 years in prison before being elected president in 1994.

    The group also intended to shoot whites who were against their vision of a racially pure nation.

    Du Toit is due to be sentenced in the next couple of weeks.