Man said he was raised by wolves

  • A six-year-old boy was left alone when he was taken into the mountains with a man, who died. 

    He then met a mother wolf who shared some meat with him while he played with her children. Marcos Rodriquez Pantoja was discovered by police at age 19 after he spent several years living with animals. 

    He mentioned that the mother wolf licked him, after which he was "one of the family." Pantoja even made "friends" with a snake, who he made a nest for and gave milk to. "She followed me everywhere and protected me," he said. 

    His tale resulted in a novel as well as a film in 2010. Author Gabriel Janer Manila said the boy doesn't reveal what happened but only what he thinks happened. He mentioned that the snake followed him not because they were friends but because he gave her milk. 

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