Man lost at sea looks weaker a week later

  • Jose Salvador Alvarenga didn't look too bad when he washed ashore after being lost at sea for 16 months. However, the same isn't true for today: Despite having shorter hair and better food to eat, he appeared to have needed help entering his hotel. 

    "He was much weaker, extremely tired looking, much less animated, and was speaking extremely slowly," a witness said. "He looked exhausted, frankly."

    Alvarenga's initial healthy appearance caused people to doubt his story but "the appearances of malnutrition can manifest differently depending on how short you are on calories or protein," a survival specialist said. "It's only in end stage starvation that people get that really emaciated appearance."

    Meanwhile, the family of his mate who he said died four months into the journey, is looking into the matter to confirm if he is really talking about the right man. 

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