Malaysian PM's key ally, political leaders die in helicopter crash

  • Malaysian Prime Minister's Chief of Staff and other dignitaries were killed in a helicopter crash in Malaysia. According to reports, the helicopter crashed into a rubber plantation in the town of Semenyih in south of Kuala Lumpur. Jamaluddin Jarjis, a politician and a senior member of PM Najib Razak’s political party, was also aboard. Apart from Jarjis, Najib's private secretary Azlin Alias and businessman Robert Tan were also among the victims.

    One of the eyewitnesses told media that the helicopter “exploded in mid-air” when it was raining heavily. The grief-struck PM has ordered an immediate probe into the incident. Malaysian Home Minister has informed the media that the process of gathering information on the crash is underway. The helicopter was returning from the wedding reception of PM's daughter in the eastern state of Pahang.

    Malaysian Plane Crash

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